The Institute of Conflict Management and Negotiation Analysts, (Member: Association of International Conflict and Negotiation Analysts.) is a professional & examination body for Conflict & Negotiation experts. The Institute is positioned as a strategic change agent in Conflict Management & Negotiation Analysis in providing a global platform to educate, promote and teach the Art and Science of Conflict Management & Negotiation Analysis. The institute fulfils additional rolls in conflict and negotiation consulting.
Conflict permeates human endeavor in various facets—in interpersonal relationships and in organizational settings. Conflict resolution is also invariably needed for peace and stability, which are indispensable to progress. The institute of Conflict Management & Negotiation Analysts aims to facilitate certificated training programs and licensure to practice various aspects of conflict management and negotiation analysis. Areas of practice encompass corporate conflict, religious conflict, political and social conflict inclusive of sub branches of the main topic areas. The Institute shall be open to various degrees of membership based on courses and qualifying examinations, types of licensure, and extraordinary contributions to societal peace, harmony and stability in one’s professional career.
The Institute is recognized under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other statutory Institutions regulating the formation of the alike Institutions.
Conflict is a necessary condition for both individual and organisational progression. It is natural, inevitable and unbelievable in any organisation settings. Resolving conflict through negotiation, one need to be sound and intellectual in reasoning and in analyzing in order to avoid more complicated issues.
The institute of Conflict Management & Negotiation Analyst is mandated as a catalyst in Conflict & Negotiation matters aimed to constantly enhance its members professional relevance, provide platform in the training and practice of Conflict Management & Negotiation Analysis within a professional framework throughout Nigeria and the world at large, further development, international networking and a successful career in Conflict Management & Negotiation Analysis.

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