Membership Overview

Members of the Institute are equipped with the essential tools that are needed for them to excel in the constantly changing environment of global conflict management and negotiation analysis. There are opportunities for people with various skill sets and knowledge levels to learn and grow. Membership of the Institute consists of Individual and Corporate members.
There are four levels of membership admission at the individual level with varying criteria for admission into each one:

Individual Membership

Corporate Membership

check Satisfies the Council that he is eligible to be so registered

check Satisfies all other criteria as may be specified by the Council from time to time

An organisation becomes a corporate member if it:
The organization applies and pays the associated fees, and receives from the council, a letter of registration of membership for the category of Corporate Membership. The staffs of organizations admitted as corporate members shall be encouraged to register with the Institute.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the Institute, you stand to enjoy the following benefits:

check Attendance and Networking during Institute events and programmes

check Get internationally recognized certifications through our collaboration with world leading conflict management and negotiation institutes

check Receive continuous professional development that will keep you at the forefront of your profession

check Access to world class thought leadership research publications and materials on conflict management and negotiation analysis

check Opportunity to be mentored by seasoned professionals, leading experts and senior conflict analysts in the field of conflict management and negotiation analysis through our Mentoring Scheme

check Mandatory Educational Training & Development (METAD)

check Management Development Workshop (MDW)

check Centre Co-ordinators Workshop (CCM)

check Professional Practice Workshop (PPW)

check Annual General Meeting (AGM)

check Conflict Analysts National & International Conference

check Members Induction


Conflict is a necessary condition for both individual and organisational progression. It is natural, inevitable and unbelievable in any organisation settings. Resolving conflict through negotiation, one need to be sound and intellectual in reasoning and in analyzing in order to avoid more complicated issues.

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