Conflict is a necessary condition for both individual and organisational progression. It is natural, inevitable and unbelievable in any organisation settings. Resolving conflict through negotiation, one need to be sound and intellectual in reasoning and in analyzing in order to avoid more complicated issues.

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Our program and training courses are fashioned to sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge towards setting standards of professional practice through explicit code of ethics .

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How We Intend Handling It On That Day:-
Getting sociologists to factor in their role conflict theories, personnel psychologists to bring to bear their wisdom in diversity management, management experts to factor in the state of start management and leadership theories and how they handle conflicts, social psychologists and their perspectives in handling the social ambivalence of cognitive dissonance, cultural economists to show case how culture determined values and unjust socio economic dispensations create conflicts, industrial psychologists and labour economists on the ambient environmental variables that affect employee fragility plus other perspectives from games and queuing theories


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The Institute of conflict management and negotiation analysts heartily announces her partnership with Greenstone school of business and management.    The Greenstone school of business&nbs...

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5  Trusted Tips to Manage Conflicts.

  Have you been struggling to resolve Conflicts with your friends, family or business partners? It's established that conflicts are almost unavoidable. As long as you relate with people,there ...

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4 Impact of conflict in work places.

 It is an established fact that conflict is normal and occurs in every entity. The differences in our individuality and interest also poses an obstacle for effective cohesion. Sometimes these con...

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